Why get an Uncommon Website?

  • lead generation
    • Your website should be so much more than a graphically pleasing brochure: Uncommon Ground puts process first and designs websites that guide your visitors on a path that leads to purchasing your product or service
    • Calls-to-action on every page, and an obstacle-free flow
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    • Free lifetime SSL certificate on every website
    • Daily offsite backups stored on Amazon S3 servers for security and peace of mind
    • Ultra Fast VPS Hosting ensures you're not sharing resources with thousands of websites, giving you blazing fast page loads and 99.9% uptime
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    • It’s essential to develop a website that offers up a great visual experience on every device screen size that your audience may use
    • We help you with strategic decisions on what content is most important to display, and ensuring there’s a clear navigation path and call to action,
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    Blogging is still an extremely effective way to drive traffic to your site and consistently appear in searches. New blog posts are automatically boosted higher in Google search results and they instantly tell users that your company is active in your industry.

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Our Featured Web Designs


BRON RWF is an international heavy equipment manufacturer and supplier. They requested a site design that could display all their products and services in a clear and concise way. With this in mind, we created a tagging system to give customers the ability to sort by equipment category if they have a specific model in mind, or to browse all products to see what might fit their needs.

With multiple service departments available to serve their customers, BRON RWF required a streamlined process for customers to easily get in touch with the right people. From parts & service requests to sale inquiries, we made sure to develop various forms that deliver a seamless way for customers to connect to the proper department. 

High Green News

High Green News is a media website for hand-picked cannabis news. With daily newsletters from Monday through Friday, HGN required an interactive design that allowed consumers to easily engage with the daily posts.

We developed an RSS feed that delivers the updated daily information straight to their Mailchimp platform. This automated process allows for High Green News staff to focus more time on content creation, and less time worrying about replicating their website style- it’s done for them!

Another important factor when designing their website was creating space for advertising. The design that we landed on allows for the articles to be the focal point of the site, while still offering incentive for advertisers with the clean layout.

Do you have a news site that you want to update, or do you send newsletters that you want to efficiently create from the content that already exists on your site? Look no further. Get in touch with us today.

Aqua Service Niagara

Aqua Service Niagara is a full-service water treatment company with a variety of products that range from commercial to residential use. In the early stages of site development, it was quickly established that their 100+ products would need to be easily accessible and sorted anyone viewing the site. A cluttered site can scare off potential customers, and it was important that we showcased their extensive product offerings with an easy-to-sort system.

The front page has a minimal design that concisely shares what Aqua Service Niagara offers. With their products sorted into 6 main categories, potential and returning clients can easily find what they are looking for. The finished site offers a positive experience for the viewer, providing an easy way to sort products and find information on what is relevant to their needs.

Uplands Pheasantry

Uplands Pheasantry is a family owned and operated pheasant farm, offering a variety of options from custom hatching to processed birds. Uplands requested a site on the simpler side, wanting to give an overview of the birds they raise and the services they offer. We were happy to oblige and created a sleek, informative site that shares the history and purpose of their farm.

A prominent feature on this site is the Gallery page. It beautifully displays their hatching equipment and bird breeds, giving customers an opportunity for a behind-the-scenes glance of their operation. The options are endless when it comes to gallery pages, and here at Uncommon Ground we love the opportunity to showcase what makes your business unique.

Harvest Supply Canada Inc.

Harvest Supply Canada Inc. is a custom fabricator and manufacturer that specializes in top-quality harvesting equipment for the cannabis industry. With shared years of experience in the cannabis industry at The Uncommon Ground, we know that building a cannabis site takes extra consideration and care in terms of following guidelines. From beginning to end of this site development, we carefully considered the industry-specific regulations that cannabis websites need to comply to.

During the design process, it was essential to consider the diversity of potential customers and create a website that appealed to every age group from 21 and older. We made sure to create a great visual experience for all viewers, and we prioritized a responsive site that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Field Well Drilling Inc.

Marshall Field Well Drilling is an industry leader within the Canadian Water Well drilling community. It is important for every website to have good SEO, and we are proud to offer this with every website we build. This website benefitted greatly from our focus on search engine optimization, as Field Well Drilling Inc. has a focus on location-based services rather than products.

SEO strategy is an important marketing tool that allows your company to benefit from qualified traffic being directed to your website. We work alongside you to narrow down the key phrases your target customers are searching and tailor the content to optimize your site’s structure for search engine indexing. Interested in learning more about how The Uncommon Ground can develop your SEO strategy? Contact us today with any questions you may have!

agri trac

AGRI-TRAC provides traction milling, an alternative solution to slippery concrete floors and lameness prevention. for dairy barns. With a very specific audience, the team at AGRI-TRAC shared with us that people often have very similar questions about how the flooring will work in their specific barn.

Keeping this in mind, we developed a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page, featuring the most commonly asked questions and easy to navigate drop-down answers. This is a huge time saver on both ends and helps the customer efficiently narrow down which option will suit their needs best.