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5 Reasons your Cannabis Company Needs a Top-Notch Website

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A good company website is so much more than a digital brochure. It is the first impression for most of your customers, and a direct representation of your company. It is the method in which most people research products and services before buying. The cannabis industry is tech-savvy and demands a fast and efficient sales experience, which often starts with your website. Whether you're selling cannabis products or marketing to the industry, here are five key elements to consider before starting your website project.

What is Process-Focused Marketing?

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I was fortunate to have been able to speak to the contractors at the Land Improvement Contractors of Ontario Convention in January, about Process-Focused Marketing in their companies. It was a great opportunity for me to talk about one of my favorite subjects! Our niche as a marketing agency is 'Process-Focused Marketing', and I am always asked what this means.

Planning Your Website

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In our day and age consumers have countless resources available to them, literally right at their fingertips. When making a purchasing decision, consumers do much of their research on their computers and devices without the assistance of a salesperson. These seekers need access to much of your company's information for you to be considered for their projects. You need a well-designed, strategically planned website. Remember the following tips when tackling the daunting task of planning your company website.