Marketing Strategy for Agriculture

We are proud to have hosted the North American Ag Roundtable 2020.


The Uncommon Ground Inc. primarily works within the Agriculture & Horticulture industries. All members of our team have a deep understanding and a long history of working in these industries.

We have much to offer our agribusiness clients: 

  • Website development 
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Annual marketing budget planning and assistance

Your sales & marketing teams should work with - not against each other. We are Process-Focused, meaning that we always look at your company's sales & marketing process as a whole, not as separate silos. To attain sales & marketing success you need to accomplish three things:

  1. Build a Framework
  2. Find Your Voice, & Project It
  3. Measure the Results

Take a look at the video below to see our recommendations for agribusiness post-COVID.

Agrimarketing Process Guidance

If your company has a marketing team who is capable of carrying out your day to day functions, but you need some guidance on how to layout a solid strategy (especially in our current 2020 climate) see our options below. We are happy to help your team develop a strategy for the next 12 months and beyond. Facing the challenges ahead straight on is the best way ensure success! Contact us any time if you have questions or concerns.

Agribusiness Sales & Marketing Roadmap - $99 one time payment

Virtual meeting with you and your marketing team, discussing your struggles and current pain in your sales & marketing process. Together we will create a roadmap and provide direction for your company’s marketing. One hour meeting.

Agribusiness Sales & Marketing Strategy Plan - $499 one time payment

Five weekly meetings with you and your sales & marketing team. Identify the pain points and create an action plan on how to overcome the challenges your company faces right now. Five one hour sessions, with action items for you and your team between sessions.