Planning Your Website

website design

In our day and age consumers have countless resources available to them, literally right at their fingertips. When making a purchasing decision, consumers do much of their research on their computers and devices without the assistance of a salesperson. These seekers need access to much of your company's information for you to be considered for their projects. You need a well-designed, strategically planned website. Remember the following tips when tackling the daunting task of planning your company website.

Plan the Flow

Make a strategic plan of where you want to lead your potential customer. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, what is the natural path through the site? Does it answer the basic questions? Is there a clear way for the customer to dig deeper and get more information?

Keep it Clear & Simple

Information about your products must be easily accessible 24 hours a day. Be careful to avoid overwhelming the consumer, less can definitely be more. Don't use too much text, get to the point. Use imagery to make a statement.

Make Contacting You Easy

Your website needs a clear way for the customer to contact the company to request more information, request a quote or ask for technical support. A clear call to action is necessary on your site. At a glance your customer must have an obvious way to reach the company. Nothing is more frustrating than not finding the answer to your question on a website, and having to search through pages and pages to find a way to make contact with a human.
Keeping these points in mind will help you plan your website, making it efficient and user friendly.